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Here are my pet control macros

Autor Emilylowes 
Here are my pet control macros
02d.06m.2023 02:15AM
Also, things like the flasks of relentless assault, erosive WoTLK Gold Hoof and erosive cleft hoof, though it's an alternative to what I've discussed later, that will is significantly less costly. And then also obviously you're weakening the sharpening stone that can be used to utilize on TBC weapons. In my opinion, you should be getting the most brutal weapon, and keep an anthill level at his default death Pat macro. This will simply summon the pet and sacrifice it all in one macro . A large number of people have been joining my Twitch chat saying that every macro doesn't work, but the one that works is certainly this one.

In addition the channel I use on Twitch is always in description of my videos. You are welcome to check it out. I've got a variety of vacate for cursor macros that can be used with any application that has a cursor ability. So we'll also work on stuff like Blizzard This is a mouse over exist macro so what it will do is to detect if you don't have a mouse and just have an item to target or place it on the board you want to target if you are mouse overing something, it'll cast it on your mouse over so you know you need this to cause chains of eyes to strangulate your mind freeze and definitely things like death grip so you don't have to you know manually target something if you want to pull them off closer to you or to make them by casting a mob. This is going to be really irritating.

Here are my pet control macros which is why I've created an attack macro that is pet-friendly, but it also leaps to stun the target if it's angry. to be able to press this once for the stone to occur normally , you need to wait for the pet to be in Miller range of m puppet again to allow the stone to work but at least cheap WoTLK Gold it's all contained in one book button, and then separate art.
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