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The most difficult part was finding an Madden NFL 23 manager

Autor Emilylowes 
The most difficult part was finding an Madden NFL 23 manager
15d.09m.2022 09:55AM
It did not matter that Fitzpatrick could not be a great starting quarterback for longer than one season before going down. He established a name for himself by having a sudden appearance with his winning streak, and making fans fall in love with his. This was the basis of "Mut 23 Coins," but the most difficult part was finding an Madden NFL 23 manager willing to write a big check.

Overall, Fitzpatrick earned an astonishing 82.118.420 throughout his 17 seasons during the Madden NFL 23. On the surface , this might seem like a small amount in a world where $100M contracts are the typical, but when we examine the earnings Fitzpatrick produced with the Madden NFL 23 greats of his time, the player was a king.

Three players, two in the Hall of Fame, one in the process of making it -- all of them made less, or perhaps slightly more than someone who, comparatively speaking had to take fewer hits, sacrifice his body less and sit on the sidelines more often than the other three combined.

It's a ploy to create this as a game about dollar and cents. It's incredible how amazing Fitz was in creating magic on the field. On the field, he was pretty impressive as well. It's not a secret that Fitzpatrick never won games. In fact it was 59-87-1 when he was an opener, but you're amazed he was able to lose this many times because the stigma around Fitzpatrick made him feel like a winner even if it wasn't.

That's the reason I love Ryan Fitzpatrick. His career made no sense, and all the wisdom in the world at the same time. He got the wool over the eyes of a huge chunk of the Madden NFL 23's top executives, millions of fans throughout the process and was treated like a king -- all while playing like a pauper. It's difficult to imagine a different player coming in and working this scheme again, as his role in Buy Mut Coins Madden 23 tends more and more towards the selection of young players for the pine, not aging veterans.
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